The Green Heron

“Green Heron”  the name sounds like a comic book super hero, but don’t hold your breath waiting for him to save the day. Often seen using “tools” or bait to attract small fish while hunting along river banks, marshes and wooded ponds This stocky built short legged creature can however make your day as it can be found in all but about seven states in the US.

Here a few of my favorite Green Heron photographs.

birds 38_0135 copybirds 41_0016 copy

osprey 7-15-16_0018 copy

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Young American

The Bald Eagle,  the United States National icon is an extremely fantastic creature to watch and photograph. I have been fortunate to follow a pair of these amazing birds over the past three seasons. This year produced three young ones and they have been fascinating to watch grow. Knowing that the Eaglets were beginning to get out on their own a bit, sharping their flying and fishing skills I thought I would make my way to their nesting area and grab a couple of shots to share with you.levee rd-7-10-16_0058 copylevee rd-7-10-16_0030 copylrlevee rd-7-10-16_0069 copylr

Backyard, Big Lens and Teleconverters

One of the best days in my life, outside the the day I married my best friend and the birth of my children, would be the day my Nikor 600mm f/4 lens arrived. A lens of this magnitude represents a substantial investment, so I thought it would be fun to show my readers what you can expect from a lens of this type .

The aim of this experiment was to show my readers a few example of the capabilities  of this lens at 600mm , add a 1.4 tele-converter and the results of using the “image area” option provided in the menu of the D800. The image area option allows for a 1.2 and a 1.5 conversion so basically we have 600mm – 850mm – 1000mm and 1200mm. Below are the result in that order.  All photos were shot at approximately 25 feet and with the exception of adjusting the contrast they are SOC


600mm at f/4


850mm at f/5.6


1000mm at f/5.6


1200mm at f/5.6


Lunch With the Osprey

As a photographer I’m always looking for new places and subjects to photograph, so when a fellow photographer mentioned an Osprey nest with two young ones. You can imagine my excitement. This “Adventure” would require me to drive 80 miles and the possible wait of several hours. Having photographed Osprey in the past I had some knowledge of their feeding habits so I wanted to plan my arrival when the birds would be most active.

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Flashing Birdie

The light is not always perfect when photographing Mother Nature. When the lighting isn’t quite what you were looking for you might consider adding a little daylight fill flash. The three following photographs are examples of how adding flash can help bring out the detail and save the day when the light is not so good. backyard6-8-16_0138 copybackyard6-8-16_0142 copybackyard6-8-16_0154 copy


Backyard Breakfast

The European Starling,although very common,  are still  interesting to watch and photograph. As all of Mother Natures creatures they are very protective and nurturing when it comes to their young. This sequence of photographs shows an adult feeding her young a tasty morsel I left on a tree near my house. To get these shots I had to use my  Nikor 600mm f/4 lens as Starlings, at least the ones I encounter, are a bit skittish when it comes to having their pictures taken.


backyard 6-5-16_0025 copy

Feed Me

backyard5-29-16_0061 copybackyard5-29-16_0062 copy

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

As a photographer I’ve spent hours waiting and wandering around carrying heavy equipment looking to capture that perfect shot. Even set up in my backyard I can stand for hours in  anticipation. This was the case the other day.  I had recently filled the Hummingbird feeders and strategically placed a beautiful Fuchsia plant in hopes of attracting a few shots of these quick little critters. No one ever wants to go home empty handed so you start looking around for something to photograph. After about 2 hours my trigger finger got itchy and this was the result. backyard5-29-16_0044lr copy


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