Shooting Birdies

While my friends are on the golf course trying to get a “birdie” I have been sitting in my back yard enjoying the beautiful weather and capturing some pretty cool images of several varieties of birds that visit my feeder.
As a professional wedding and portrait photographer photographing nature is pretty new to me but with patients and the cooperation of my feathered friends I’m starting to get it. The odds of getting a decent shot of one of these critters is, in my opinion, about like my friends on the golf course getting a birdie or two every time they play. It just don’t happen.

Take a look at what I have so far and let me know what you home sstuff_0130 back yard birds 4_0257 backyard birds5_0019 backyard birds5_0029 backyard birds5_0041 backyard birds5_0042 backyard birds5_0074 h birds 3_0006 copy humming birds_0175


Amanda and Shane

After Amanda and Shane exchanged their vows, May 17, 2014, in Covington Ohio. They sealed their promise to love one another forever and always with a “Pinky Promise”  before moving on to downtown Piqua Ohio for a few out door shots.  dankworth_351 copydankworth_364 copy dankworth_376 copy dankworth_383 copy

Johnny and Megan

Johnny and Megan couldn’t have asked for a better day or a more perfect setting for their special day.  It was a bit windy but still a clear and sunny day when this couple exchange their vows on the front lawn of the Garr House in Richmond Indiana.nolte_032 copy nolte_483 copy nolte_500 copy

Second Time Around

As young lovers this wonderful couple just could not make it work, but as the saying goes “time heals all wounds” and with this couple it only took 43 years. Rediscovering there love for one another after being divorced for 43 years Mark and Sandi re-united pledging their love for one another in a beautiful ceremony at the Olde North Chapel in Richmond Indiana this past February M_polver_228

Thinking Spring

Here in Ohio we have had it with winter and everybody is “Thinking Spring”. When my thoughts go to spring I think Baseball, “The Great American Pass Time”

I have over the years photographed several leagues but this is not by any means our studios specialty, but I enjoy getting out, when time allows, and photograph the kids in action. Here are a couple shots from last season.booster baseball_0183 booster baseball_0027 booster baseball_0055 booster baseball_0137

Doing the Green Thing

Going green, that is shooting on green screen, has opened up many new doors.
With today’s software it is possible to put your subject on almost any background you can imagine, the possibilities are end less.
When you consider the cost of painted canvas backgrounds a couple hundred bucks for good software is very affordable. Like anything else it takes sometime and practice to get the hang of it but eventually your results will pay off. All these examples were shot on green screen giving me the advantage of placing my client in a variety of settings.kempton_r_0007g1013 jessica_smith_0022a K_smith_0010b K_smith_0011e karen abrams_0008a kempton_r_0007b

Big Brothers and Little Sisters

Getting a big brother to sit with his little sister for any amount of time can offer a challenge. Getting them to have their portraits made together can be a whole different ball game unless mom and dad crack the whip.

When Micaela and Caleb showed up for their session I just knew that I had my work cut out for me, but to my surprise they were ready to share a moment together and allow me to make some images that showsjessica_smith_0033 jessica_smith_0036 jessica_smith_0037 jessica_smith_0039 their love for one another.


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