Blondes, Brunettes and Red Heads

You just never know what you might find when hanging out in your backyard. If you’er lucky and very patient you may find yourself hanging out with a few blondes, brunettes and red heads. In this case, it turns out to be an American Gold Finch, European Starling and a Red Headed Woodpecker

backyard 5-12-16_0033 copy

The “Blonde” American Goldfinch

backyard 5-22-16_0028 copy

The “Red Head”   Red Headed Woodpecker

backyard 5-22-16_0034 copy

The “Brunette”  European Starling


Babes of Spring

Looking for an easy and inexpensive source of amusement? Head out to a local park that has a pond or small lake and more likely than not you will find an abundance of Geese. The adults can be a bit annoying and messy but at this time of year the young Goslings will be plentiful and very entertaining to watch. Here are some photos from my adventure to Springwood  Park in Richmond,Indiana. These Babes don’t get any cuter.

back yard 5-18-16_0073 copy

Leader of the Pack

Weeds or Wildflowers

The day was the first in a couple of weeks that was warm and sunny and I had plans to grab the camera and big lens and head out for another “Great Adventure”, however, the wife had a different idea. The wife says to me “the yard could use some work, why not get the weed eater and do some trimming?”  To me that didn’t sound like a lot of fun so I though instead of firing up the weed eater I would break out the 105 macro and and get a closer look at those weeds or are they wildflowers. Here’s some of the results. See more of my photos here

backyard 5-12-16_0010backyard 5-12-16_0007backyard 5-12-16_0006backyard 5-12-16_0005backyard 5-12-16_0002

You Can’t Do That

I have always been a person that had to find things out for themselves, you know, that show me type of guy. For many, many years I have been told that you can’t do this or that won’t work, but I have always had to find out for myself. When it comes to my photography I have challenged the “experts” many times bending the rules even pitching them completely, and for the most part with the results I was looking for.

Recently I was reading some “expert” reviews on tele converters and the general consensus was I would loose image quality, auto focus might not work and so on. Well I just had to see for myself so I stuck a Nikor 2x on my 600mm f/4 and headed to the backyard. Here are are the results.Shot at f/8 -auto focus on- fill flash (the light was terrible) with a Nikon D800. Tell me what you think.backyard-4-4-16_0108backyard-4-4-16_0065backyard-4-4-16_0091backyard-4-4-16_0133

In Your Own Back Yard

Mother Nature is not hiding, as a matter of fact she is putting a great show on right in your very own yard. People often ask “where did you take that picture?” and find it hard to believe when I say in my back yard. So many people are missing out on what Mother Nature has to offer thinking they have to travel to exotic places to witness the wonders of nature, when all they need to do is “Stop, Look & Listen”.  They would be amazed what they could enjoy right in their own back yard.

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

The Turkey Vulture is by far one of the least attractive of our feathered friends. Found in most regions of both North and South America the Turkey Vulture, also referred to in some areas as Turkey Buzzard or Buzzard, are a large bird reaching up two and half feet tall with a wing span of six feet. Although very common the Turkey Vulture is a fascinating creature to watch and photograph as they ride the thermals using their keen sense of smell and eye sight to locate the decaying carcass of their next feast.

Check out more of my photographs here


birds163-4-19-16_0013 copybirds157-3-26-16_0172copy copy

Fishing with the Gulls

Photographing Gulls seems to be the alternative subject when other “Adventures” don’t work out the way you planned. Photographing Gulls, I believe, has never been my intention when looking for Osprey, Eagles or some exotic water fowl, but they seem to always be in the area.  You can spend hours along the banks of lakes and rivers waiting for that special shot of an Eagle or Osprey and all the while the Gulls are putting on a great show of their fishing abilities. More often than not I get an “itchy trigger finger” and turn my focus to the Gulls . Below are some of the recent results.birds140-1-28-16_0126 copybirds 91_0194 copybirds 91_0197 copybirds146 2-20-16_0017 copy Downloads of these images are available at


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